Ultimate PDA Setup

By unwire, June 8, 2006

A few months ago I replaced my problematic HP iPaq 6315 with the T-Mobile MDA (Qtec 9100) with Windows Mobile 5. My primary use is email. With the MyEmail application, T-Mobile "pushes" email to the PDA when the mail arrives. I’ve found this device excellent for accessing email while not at my regular laptop computer. The device has GPRS (GSM EDGE) Internet connectivity over the T-Mobile cellular system, WiFi and Bluetooth. I use GPRS/EDGE while mobile and WiFi in the home and office. If needed I can use the MDA as a "modem" for my laptop via USB cable or Bluetooth.

My secondary list of uses is growing rapidly especially in it’s GPS and mapping capability. Here is a list of the applications I’ve installed so far (A to Z):

BeeLineGPS This gives your PDA all the software functions of a GPS and more (you need a Bluetooth or other GPS connected to do real time locations). This gives your PDA the ability to track routes and plot waypoints. This is what I use for geocaching.

CE Remote Display Remote control your Windows Mobile from your Windows PC while connected via ActiveSync.

G7toCE Download routes and waypoints from your GPS. Also converts data to/from many mapping applications.

GpsGate An essential tool for anyone using a GPS on a PDA. This program allows multiple GPS or Mapping programs to share a single GPS. Also the NEMA logging feature works well for logging the path of your trip.

Mobipocket For reading electronic books.

PocketStreets Free program included with MS MapPoint, Streets & Trips and AutoRoute. Allows the export of these Microsoft maps into your PDA.

PocketTOPO! And add on product for the National Geographic series of topographical mapping software.

SocketgpsSocket Bluetooth GPS (Hardware) I’ve used this GPS on many trips and in rental cars. Battery lasts over 7 hours.

Tom Tom Navigator I have both the US and Europe maps. An excellent program that does turn by turn and verbal navigation on the fly.

VideoLan Very flexable multimedia software. For both video and audio.

VisualGPSce A free program. A small subset of the features in BeeLineGPS.

WiFiFoFum2 Program for detection of WiFi Access Points. I use this since Netstumbler does not work with the T-Mobile MDA built-in WiFi card.

APRS-CE A new version of this program appears to be on it’s way. This is an APRS Amateur Radio application.
A few minor bugs in the current version prevents this from being great software. Using
Bluetooth connected to a GPS or Kenwood D7a/D700 the software starts geting real slow. As if it’s using all the CPU cycles. Useful when at a static location
and connected to the Internet.