Wilderness Wireless Internet on OAUSA Tonight

July 17, 2008

Have you been somewhere, perhaps camping or traveling and you need Internet access or need to make a phone call? Your cell phone or EVDO card has no signal bars and Windows wireless networks is empty of hotspots? Tonight I’ll be discussing this topic on the Outdoor Adventure USA Amateur Radio net on the Keller […]

Mojave Interop Trip

September 23, 2007

I live in Pasadena and needed to go to a trade show in Las Vegas. I thought to myself, heck, one of my favorite places, the Mojave National Preserve is on the way. I’ll take the long way and drive though the Mojave National Preserve each way on my trip. Perhaps add a drive on […]

Los Angeles Citywide Municipal Wireless Network

February 14, 2007

As I use my Sprint EVDO card more and more, I have a hard time understanding why this network is needed in Los Angeles where high speed wireless Internet is already available throughout the city from at least two cellular carriers. I don’t believe there is a neighborhood anywhere in Los Angeles that does not […]

Flexible Wireless Internet While Travelling

December 22, 2006

This week I attended the Funeral of a very dear aunt. Unfortunately, in my line of business I must continue to work even when traveling and on vacation. This forces me to have 2-3 options at any time to gain access to the Internet. I have a Sprint EVDO card, a T-Mobile PDA, a high […]

EVDO Portable WiFi Hot Spot Solution

January 28, 2006

Mike Outmesguine brought a Top Global’s MobileBridge MB8000 to the last SOCALWUG meeting. This device shares EVDO/3G Cellular with WiFi devices. Creating in instant WiFi hotspost without DSL! With his WiFi VOIP phone he was able to make VOIP phone calls over EVDO. At least a dozen other users with WiFi enabled laptops shared the […]