Amateur Radio Repeater System Thank You

January 13, 2006

I should have written to the members of the PAPA System and thanked them months ago. On a cold early spring night in 2005, I was driving the whole family to spend the weekend at a little Motel in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead, CA. When we were around four miles from the town of […]

Fishlake Utah and Capitol Reef National Park

January 6, 2006

We took a trip to Utah the week between Christmas and New Years. We drove from Pasadena, CA to Richfield UT which took around 10 hours because of traffic. Once past Las Vegas there is no traffic to slow you down. The drive through the desert is so picturesque. When I was a child and […]

Spyware in MS Streets & Trips and AutoRoute

January 3, 2006

Posted on the APRS SIG mailing list today: Microsoft is using tactics virtually identical to spyware pushers in Streets 2006 and AutoRoute. When you first insert the CD to install the program, an undisclosed undocumented program is stealth loaded onto your hard disk, even before the first screen of the install dialog appears. This program, […]