Ubiquiti AirGateway Indoor Access Point For NanoBeam

March 6, 2014

airGateway is the easiest way to add indoor Wi-Fi capability to airMAX CPE deployments. airGateway provides 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and interlocks with existing PoE adapters, so there is a single power source for the CPE and airGateway devices.

Riverside California Municipal Wifi

January 23, 2007

Another municipal wireless network: "Call it a municipal status symbol, but when Phase I of a three-phase rollout becomes available in early February 2007, the City of Riverside will blanket its entire 86 square miles with free wireless Internet network, giving the City an entirely new identity as one of the most wired – or […]

Heathrow Public Internet

July 24, 2006

While waiting for our flight home to Los Angeles in June. I turned on the wifi scanner in my PDA. At any given moment there were 10-25 wifi Access Points detected. Internet access was everywhere. See these public Internet kiosks: