4×4 Automotive Laptop Setup Version 2

June 25, 2008

I’ve been running this setup since 2006 with good reliability (photo above is inside a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80). I’m often asked which applications I’m running, so here they are: Here’s the list of software applications I run on the laptop: TOPO!: Provides detailed topographic maps. Great for planning trips. Plus most all of […]

SPOT Personal Satellite Messenger and Tracker

November 17, 2007

Imagine you are camping, hiking, mountain-biking, climbing or off-roading somewhere. Disaster strikes and you or someone with you is injured. Globalstar’s SPOT is designed to help you in this situation and give you peace of mind  when traveling in remote areas. I just activated my SPOT this evening. All that was required was to register […]

Navigation with Compass and Map

May 9, 2007

I spent the weekend before last, camping in the Mojave National Preserve with my kids. I introduced them to the compass and topographic map. I think this is a good skill to learn. If you were in the outdoors for an extended period, you may run out of batteries for your GPS. I normally take […]

Photos for Google Earth

February 27, 2007

Whenever I plan a trip, I take a look at Google Earth to get a good idea of the terrain. The additional local information within Google Earth is very helpful. Flickr and other photo sharing websites can take advantage of your photos that have the GPS location embedded into the photo. Called a Geotag, software […]

Ultimate PDA Setup

June 8, 2006

A few months ago I replaced my problematic HP iPaq 6315 with the T-Mobile MDA (Qtec 9100) with Windows Mobile 5. My primary use is email. With the MyEmail application, T-Mobile "pushes" email to the PDA when the mail arrives. I’ve found this device excellent for accessing email while not at my regular laptop computer. […]

Ultimate Automotive Laptop Setup

May 11, 2006

Perhaps not the ultimate, but close. It does nearly all the tasks that I like in the laptop mounted in my Toyota Tundra. I’m often asked which applications I’m running, so here they are: Here’s the list of software applications I run on the laptop: UI-View: An Amateur Radio mapping, position tracking and messaging application. […]

Spyware in MS Streets & Trips and AutoRoute

January 3, 2006

Posted on the APRS SIG mailing list today: Microsoft is using tactics virtually identical to spyware pushers in Streets 2006 and AutoRoute. When you first insert the CD to install the program, an undisclosed undocumented program is stealth loaded onto your hard disk, even before the first screen of the install dialog appears. This program, […]

Dune Buggies, fun for kids of all ages

December 23, 2005

In August 05 I told my wife that we should have a quick weekend getaway before school started for the kids. Pismo Beach was not too far and would be fun for all of us. While we were driving around, I remembered that when I was a kid we took a family trip to Pismo […]

MSN Local Live High-Res Satellite Images

December 22, 2005

I showed off some GPS mapping with Google Earth at the last SOCALWUG meeting. MS Live Local has some incredible imagery. The overhead image of my home is far superior to those on Google Earth. Frank —–Original Message—–From: Steve Bass I like Google’s Maps. And Google Earth is cool, too. But that ain’t nothing, folks. […]