Is Your Analog Scanner Really Obsolete?

February 12, 2006

A really nice article with a frequency list from Eham:

SuitSat, I can’t hear you!

February 6, 2006

Watching NASA TV on Friday afternoon I saw the astronauts release SuitSat. A very eerie scene of a spacesuit floating away from the Space Station. It looked like a scene from a science fiction movie. NASA TV did a great job of televising the departing spacesuit. In movies, they’ve always portrayed the astronaut in a […]

One small step for trash is giant leap for ham-kind – CNN

February 2, 2006

Just posted to CNN: Old spacesuit (Suitsat) to get (short) new life as amateur radio satellite Thanks to an innovative Russian recycling program, amateur radio fans expect to be hearing from a new recruit in orbit when an old spacesuit gets a new life as a radio satellite (Suitsat) this week… Read More

Are YOU READY for Suitsat?

February 2, 2006

From the SAREX mailing list: As most of you know, Suitsat will be released on Friday 3 Feb. 2006 Look on NASA TV for the Space Walk. Suitsat should be deployed first. There is plenty of info on the internet. -Google search- Suitsat. Suitsat will be transmitting on 145.990, which is the "normal" input frequency […]

SuitSat QSL Information

February 2, 2006

Those who hear SuitSat should send their signal reports with a large (9×12 inch) self-addressed stamped envelope to one of the addresses listed below: USA: ARRL Headquarters, SuitSat QSL, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111-1494 USA Canada: Radio Amateurs of Canada, SuitSat QSL, 720 Belfast Road, Suite 217, Ottawa Ontario K1G 0Z5 Europe: F1MOJ – […]

SuitSat – In Space no one can hear you scream – NPR

February 2, 2006

NPR’s "All Things Considered" program about Suitsat with NPR’s Nell Boyce interviewing Frank Bauer. It is a great bit of publicity for Amateur Radio and AMSAT! The text and audio of the interview appears on the web at:

Suitsat Update – Deployment February 3rd

February 1, 2006

See once SuitSat is released from the International Space Station (currently scheduled for February 3), and display reports of people that have heard the downlinked audio and seen the slow scan images. Reports will be entered manually here and viewed here. My Tigertronics SignaLink Model SL-1+ has arrived today. I’ll be using this device […]

Disembodied Spacesuit set to orbit Earth

January 27, 2006

From NASA: One of the strangest satellites in the history of the space age is about to go into orbit. Launch date: Feb. 3rd. That’s when astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) will hurl an empty spacesuit overboard. The spacesuit is the satellite — "SuitSat" for short. "SuitSat is a Russian brainstorm," explains Frank […]

Bill McAuthur Worked all States From ISS

January 23, 2006

I heard on my Amateur Radio equipment the voice of Bill McAuthur, US Astronaut directly from ISS, on Saturday that he worked a station in Alaska. He’s now worked all States on VHF from the International Space Station. When Bill passed over on, I brought my 7 year old to the radio just in case […]

SuitSat, the most unusual Amateur Radio satellite

January 16, 2006

From AMSAT North America: "Amateur radio equipment will be installed inside a surplus Russian Orlan spacesuit. It will become an independently orbiting satellite once it is deployed by the crew of the International Space Station during an extravehicular activity, tentatively planned for February 9th, 2006. Running only on internal batteries within the spacesuit, SuitSat will […]