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Dave Bullock

Awesome man, looks like a blast. All those jeepers didn't mind Toyota driver with them?


Nope, they didn't care. One of them just recently bought a Land Cruiser.


Gotta tell're my new hero! I lived in Tempe, Arizona for 13 years and off-road motored & explored every part of the state except for the AZ Strip. I'm so jealous. I'm glad to see that there are others that have the same cajones as I did in my explorations!

Glen E. Black

Great pics from your trip. You missed out on the one room schoolhouse at Mt. Trumbull where my dad taught grades K - 12 back in 1957/1958. Check it out next time you're out that way. Check out the Bar 10 ranch as well. Glen E. Black (

fire blanket

wow amazing picture man

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