New Land Cruiser Slotted Brakes from

By unwire, February 3, 2009

I was about to buy slotted rotors from Man-A-Fre but they were out of stock at the time.

I wanted slotted rotors since I drive up and down a long and very steep hill several times a month. I opted against the cross-drilled because of clogging potential cracking.

I did some web searching and found They don't stock them, they build them to order. They shipped about 4 days after I ordered and since they are not far from my home they arrived the next day after shipping.

They worked out perfectly:

I used 100 series pads for replacements.

They've been on the truck for only 4 days. They are a huge improvement over the previous warped disks. I'm very satisfied with the braking power.

My rears need replacing also and I ordered slotted rear rotors from them today.

This was my first experience with cone washers. I finally had a use for my brass hammer. Here they are after a dozen or so hits with a brass hammer:

This was the first time since High School auto shop that I re-packed bearings. The passenger side appeared as if it had been a very very long time since re-packing. There was no unusual wear and all the bearings were in good shape.

Here are the brakes before the install, thin with noisy wear indicators:

All in all, this was easy with the help of the Factory Service Manual and ideas found on the IH8MUD forums. I like the Landtank method of setting pre-load.


Brass Hammer here and Brass Drift here I first went to a local Hardware Store and OSH, neither had one.

1997 Land Cruiser rotor prices here