Man-A-Fre Land Cruiser FZJ80 Auxiliary Gas Tank Install

By unwire, January 5, 2009

Back in October, I had scheduled a trip into the area north of the Grand Canyon called the Arizona Strip. This would be almost a week long with nearly 400 miles of driving off the pavement.

I needed better range than the stock tank and jerry cans.

I drove out to Man-A-Fre and picked up this kit: Man-A-Fre LONG RANGE 24 GALLON 80 SERIES AUXILLARY FUEL TANK

I scheduled an afternoon for the install. It took much longer, see below for more:

Photo of all the parts except for the tank:

Original filler neck needed to be cut to be removed. Note: you need to cut this carefully since part of the bottom is used to connect to the new filler. I disconnected it from the stock tank first before using a cutting wheel. First cut must take place while in the vehicle since it’s shape prevents complete removal.

Filler removed:

Switch mechanism is hitting the inside of the fender preventing switching. MAF gave me a bad filler neck:

No worries, Spector off road is not too far away (from my home). I picked up two filler necks from Spector Off Road. The one on the left was ready to install but has no unleaded nozzle restrictor. The one on the right has the restrictor but the previous owner did some modification to it, so I need to get it fixed and installed before my next smog check.

Correct filler neck purchased from Spector Off Road on the left. Bad one from MAF on the right:

Photos of the tank installed. Note: It’s a Kaymar Rear Bumper:

Aux tank guage. Manual pump switch to pump gas from the aux tank into the primary tank. When you turn on the pump the yellow indicator light is on. It’s odd to see your main tank gauge start rising while you drive.

Pull out to fill the auxiliary tank. Push in to fill the primary tank.

The kit comes with a fuel pump that has no easy way of mounting. So I got a different electric fuel pump from NAPA Auto Parts, part P74019 for less than $50 since it included a better mounting solution. I mounted it near the drivers side rear spring using an existing threaded hole.

All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with how the system works. It’s wonderful to have nearly 50 gallons of gas on board. It makes for less worrisome travel with the much longer range.

The system worked perfectly on the week long trip on the Arizona Strip.

Here is the LC in Arizona far away from any gas stations:


  1. Nadir E says:

    That’s a great set-up and far safer than adding a bunch of fuel cans. Nice work!

  2. Tony says:

    Is there any way to get a manufacturer name and number to that cool switch/gas gauge combo? I would love to have that for my tank.

  3. Tony says:

    Is there any way to get a manufacturer name and/or part number for that cool switch/gas gauge combo? That thing is sweet!!

  4. Bill VanderSys says:

    The switch guage that is used is made by APEXUS (part # PG200) in Oz. URL is
    I have installed this same tank and found this write up a lot of help. Thanks for doing it.

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