Mounting Hi-Lift on front ARB bumper

By unwire, December 14, 2008

I used Fourtreks mounts for mounting the Hi-Lift. I wanted to keep it low, and outside of the passenger compartment.

When I first installed it, I had it angled towards the front (see last photo) but the headlights reflected too much on the jack so now it’s all the way on the top.

The photo below was on a 400+ mile week long trip in the area north of the Grand Canyon. The Fourtreks mount to the ARB was solid. Although I needed to add a little bit of Blue Locktight to the Billet Aluminum Wing Nuts to keep them tight. A lock washer would probably solve it was well.

This is what I ordered: Modular Hi-Lift Mounts (1.875″ (1-7/8″) diameter-With Billet Aluminum Wing Nuts