Landtank Seat Modification for FZJ80 Land Cruiser

By unwire, June 30, 2008

I used this last weekend to add the Landtank seat modification to our two FZJ80’s. It’s quite a job so if you need to do it I’d suggest doing them all at once.

Both my wife and I are over six feet tall and the standard seat placement is needs just a couple more

Here are the 3 seats being modified (one other was done months ago):

Landtank Seat Modification

Backyard work area:

Landtank Seat Modification

Drilling out the stock mount:

Landtank Seat Modification

Track removed. See the roller bearings:

Landtank Seat Modification

Grinding down the stops top allow the track to move two more inches:

Landtank Seat Modification

All done, two seats waiting for installation:

Landtank Seat Modification

Does your seat go back this far?

Landtank Seat Modification

The first one I did with inferior tools. This time I invested in a good grinder and it made the job much faster, easier and safer.

The extra 2 inches makes a world of difference. Much more space for long legs for both the driver and front seat passenger.

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