SPOT Personal Satellite Messenger and Tracker

By unwire, November 17, 2007

Imagine you are camping, hiking, mountain-biking, climbing or off-roading somewhere. Disaster strikes and you or someone with you is injured. Globalstar’s SPOT is designed to help you in this situation and give you peace of mind  when traveling in remote areas.

I just activated my SPOT this evening. All that was required was to
register the device and select the yearly subscription services. I
recommend selecting all the yearly service options.



The unit is around the size of a GPS. They claim that 2 AA lithium batteries will last 14 days of use and a year without use.

Once activated, just turn it on press the button for track progress and users you give access to your account can track your progress on a map:


In the event of an emergency, press and hold the "911" button and emergency services will be summoned to your aid:


The "Help" button would be for non-emergency issues. You can setup a list of email addresses and cell phone numbers for text messages. Pressing this button would send a help message to your contact list that would include your latitude and longitude. You can pre-program this message in the SPOT website.

I like to go camping in remote areas where there is no cellular coverage. Sometimes I rent a satellite phone in case of an emergency. This unit will pay for itself the first time I don’t need to rent a satellite phone.

I’ll update my experiences with SPOT after my next trip.

You can buy them here: