MSN Local Live High-Res Satellite Images

By unwire, December 22, 2005

I showed off some GPS mapping with Google Earth at the last SOCALWUG meeting. MS Live Local has some incredible imagery. The overhead image of my home is far superior to those on Google Earth.


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From: Steve Bass

I like Google’s Maps. And Google Earth is cool, too. But that ain’t nothing, folks.

MSN Local Live’s Bird’s Eye view blows Google out of the water.

Check out this image of my house at I’m guessing they took the photo sometime in the last 18 months, because that’s when I sold the van — and I can still see it in the driveway. (Arrow and magnification courtesy of SnagIt.)

Start by sticking in an address in the "(use current map view)" field and zoom in using the slider on the upper left side of the page. Switch to the aerial view to hone in on the location. Click on bird’s eye and hold your breath. For a change of perspective, click on the compass for a view from a different direction.

There’s a page MSN cooked up with high-rez, bird’s eye images for you to try.

BTW, I agree — I’m also worried about the big brother aspects of this technology. But the gee-whiz part of me thinks it’s way cool.

If you’re local to the Pasadena area, here are some amazing 30 yard views of Eaton Canyon:

You can even see people on the trail!

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