Dune Buggies, fun for kids of all ages

By unwire, December 23, 2005

In August 05 I told my wife that we should have a quick weekend getaway before school started for the kids. Pismo Beach was not too far and would be fun for all of us. While we were driving around, I remembered that when I was a kid we took a family trip to Pismo Beach and drove the family car onto the beach. So we did the same thing.

On the way in to the beach, I noticed that there were Dune Buggy Rentals (See Video), I couldn’t pass that up. We rented a four seater to fit the whole family and we took of on a dune ride for an hour. Well, my youngest daughter and my wife were not having too much fun so I went slow. I was having a blast as well as my oldest daughter. So I promised her that we’d go back.

In October 05 my daughter and I returned. I picked her up from school and drove to Oceano Dunes. We camped overnight and rented a Sand Rail for 3 hours (Photos). We both had a great time. The Sand Rail was fast. We climbed dunes and we got close to 50mph in the smoother areas. We saw all types of vehicles in the dunes, motorcycles, ATVs, dune buggies (of course), pickups and loads of SUVs. Tom Severin was teaching his Driving in the Sand 4 x 4 class while we were there (In October we went on his Mojave Road trip).

You can see in the photos that I wore my Garmin Fortrex to record our GPS track through the dunes. I downloaded the tracks from this wrist GPS with GPS Trackmaker software which created the .kml file for the Google Earth image.