Mojave Desert and Route 66

December 15, 2008

We camped at Seventeenmilepoint the first night: The next day we visited the Lava Tubes: The Cinder Mines: We drove about a 1/3 of the middle of the Mojave Road: We visited the Mojave mailbox and the Toad Shrine: We tasted a Coyote Melon. It was horrible!: We camped the 2nd night near the Beale […]

Mounting Hi-Lift on front ARB bumper

December 14, 2008

I used Fourtreks mounts for mounting the Hi-Lift. I wanted to keep it low, and outside of the passenger compartment. When I first installed it, I had it angled towards the front (see last photo) but the headlights reflected too much on the jack so now it’s all the way on the top. The photo […]

Wilderness Wireless Internet on OAUSA Tonight

July 17, 2008

Have you been somewhere, perhaps camping or traveling and you need Internet access or need to make a phone call? Your cell phone or EVDO card has no signal bars and Windows wireless networks is empty of hotspots? Tonight I’ll be discussing this topic on the Outdoor Adventure USA Amateur Radio net on the Keller […]

Long lines for the iPhone 3G at the Apple Store in Pasadena California

July 11, 2008

Many have been line all night waiting for the Apple Store to open. See the sleeping bag, that person was asleep when I took this photo: Line was all the way around the block: Windows blacked out before the store opening: Waiting in line at the ATT Store:

Geese The Next Generation

July 2, 2008

My photo has just been posted in the LA Times Your Scene Section: Next Generation

Landtank Seat Modification for FZJ80 Land Cruiser

June 30, 2008

I used this last weekend to add the Landtank seat modification to our two FZJ80’s. It’s quite a job so if you need to do it I’d suggest doing them all at once. Both my wife and I are over six feet tall and the standard seat placement is needs just a couple moreinches. Here […]

4×4 Automotive Laptop Setup Version 2

June 25, 2008

I’ve been running this setup since 2006 with good reliability (photo above is inside a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80). I’m often asked which applications I’m running, so here they are: Here’s the list of software applications I run on the laptop: TOPO!: Provides detailed topographic maps. Great for planning trips. Plus most all of […]

Solving the email spam problem

April 25, 2008

I’ve had the same email address since 1995. I’m on every spam list. I’ve tried everything. Finally the solution, was to let my Gmail account pick up the email from my mail server. In Gmail it’s in the Settings Accounts section. Then I let MS Outlook pick up my email from Gmail. This has eliminated […]

Mojave Road Project April 25-27 Conservation Project

April 23, 2008

The South District of CA4WDC will host a conservation and rehabilitation project April 25 – 27 on the Mojave Road in conjunction with the National Park Service. The project will be on the portion of the Mojave Road that goes around Piute Hill to the south following the old AT&T Underground Telephone Cable Route.  The […]

Join us for the launch of the Outdoor Adventure USA Amateur Radio Net on April 24th, 2008

April 22, 2008

Outdoor Adventure USA was originally created by “off-roading” enthusiasts who also happened to be licensed Amateur Radio operators (Ham radio). They believe that safely enjoying outdoor adventures, (while using a vehicle), seemed to be a perfect marriage with Amateur Radio. For a host of reasons, Ham radio is an indispensable part of enjoying the outdoors, […]